Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

GOOD NEWS: Punjab Government Introduces Roshan Gharana Solar System Scheme

The province of Punjab has launched the Roshan Gharana Scheme, which endeavors to install solar panels on 50,000 homes, fostering sustainable living and promoting renewable energy. Under this arrangement, customers are only required to pay a 25% down payment, while the government and commercial financing cover the remaining 75% of the solar panel costs. This page delves into the specifics of this initiative and elucidates how it can benefit you.

The targeted audience for the Roshan Gharana Scheme includes citizens of Punjab, Pakistan. In the initial phase of the program, priority is given to protected users who consume up to 100 power units per month. As the initiative is in its early stages, details regarding eligibility and the application process are not yet publicly available.

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s groundbreaking initiative, the Roshan Gharana Scheme, is spearheading the transformation of Punjab’s energy landscape. Phase I of the program, with a budget of Rs 12.6 billion, aims to distribute solar systems to 50,000 insured users. These selected customers, who each consume 100 units of electricity monthly, will be identified through a fair and equitable voting procedure.

The Roshan Gharana Scheme, initiated by the Chief Minister of Punjab, promises a positive impact on the lives of 50,000 beneficiaries who will receive free solar systems. This initiative is expected to lead to a decrease in consumers’ electricity bills, thereby improving their financial situation. Given the rising cost of power in Punjab and increasing inflation rates, this move by the government aims to alleviate the concerns of the people. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this approach will contribute to a noticeable reduction in electricity rates overall.

Solar Panels 25% Down Payment with Roshan Gharana Scheme

Aspect Details

Scheme Name Roshan Gharana Scheme
Purpose To install solar panels on 50,000 homes in Punjab to promote sustainable living and renewable energy
Payment Structure Customers pay a 25% down payment; the remaining 75% is covered by government and commercial financing
Target Audience Citizens of Punjab, particularly those using up to 100 power units per month


The Punjab government’s Roshan Gharana Scheme stands as a commendable initiative aimed at promoting sustainable living and renewable energy. By installing solar panels in 50,000 households, the program seeks to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources while incentivizing consumers to opt for sustainable alternatives. This scheme provides citizens of Punjab with a valuable opportunity to transition to solar power, contributing to a more environmentally friendly future. With its modest 25% down payment requirement and transparent allocation process, the program ensures accessibility and equity for all.


How many people will avail of this offer under this project?
Under this initiative, which Chief Minister Punjab started, 50,000 people will receive free solar systems.

Which people will be eligible for this scheme?
These customers, who use 100 units of electricity each month, will be chosen to employ an equitable voting procedure.